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Twiggy Reveals Which Hollywood Star She Finds Hard To Forgive | Lorraine

Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 21/06/2016 British supermodel and sixties icon Twiggy joins Lorraine ...

Twiggy - First TV Appearance

This is Twiggy's first TV appearance that was directed by John Crome in 1966.

Twiggy Interview, late 1960's

Supermodel Twiggy being interviewed, late 1960s,

twiggy and woody allen

from "My generation" 2017 with Michael Caine.

Twiggy - The Face of The 60s

Swinging London in the Sixties was a time of optimism, creativity and enthusiasm. At the centre of this pop rebellion was a new ...

Twiggy modelling and dancing!

Twiggy (Lawson, Lesley Hornby) dancing and modelling in the late 60's. Also a small interview clip from the 70's. She is great!

The Lost - Never before seen Marilyn Manson & Twiggy Interview Oct 26, 1995

We just unearthed a Marilyn Manson interview on a 25-year-old videotape that was in pretty rough condition. It required some ...

Twiggy talks Kate Moss, being a top model, evading the paparazzi and Tyra Banks

Twiggy tells Nick Knight about escaping the paparazzi with Kate Moss and the successes they've received despite their height.

Twiggy Biography

Twiggy Biography Born Lesley Hornby to working class parents, she was the girl gifted with the cute face who went on to become ...

Twiggy talks meeting Andy Warhol, the 'gamine' look, and staying sober during Sixties hedonism

British supermodel Twiggy reminisces on this cover for Interview Magazine, tied to her appearance in Broadway musical 'My One ...

Twiggy's crazy interview moments

After watching several interviews I really felt the need to make a video like this. Don't we just love the crazy Twiggy Ramirez?

Collection of Twiggy Footage

taken from the documentary 'Twiggy the Face of 66'

Model: Everyone is still obsessed with the 60's decade

Supermodel, actress and activist Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy, speaks about the "extraordinary" sixties decade.

Zoë Kravitz Transforms Into ‘60s Icon Twiggy | Allure

Watch Zoë Kravitz transform into her favorite beauty icon. Still haven't subscribed to Allure on YouTube?

VMA Twiggy Ramirez Interview

An interview with Twiggy Ramirez before Marilyn Manson's 1998 VMA performance plus a clip at the end of Manson walking with ...

Modelling agency calls for stick-thin girls to rival Twiggy | RetroFocus

In 1967 an Australian modelling agency wanted to emulate the success of UK superstar Twiggy. Stick-thin, big eyed young girls ...

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