Sumire Uesaka interview – video

Uesaka Sumire Creeped Out by Fan Letter

just a short video of Sumipe with Hayami Saori and Uchida Maaya for Sumipe birthday on 19th Dec.

[Eng Sub] Sugita Tomokazu is weak against proactive women and a romantic

Our boy Sugita on the receiving end. It´s a livestream for the Anime Battle Girl High School.

NHK Newsline - Behind the Voice

The only Russian-born seiyuu, Jenya, is featured in NHK Newsline. Uesaka Sumire makes a small appearance too.

Sugita Tomokazu teasing Uesaka Sumire on Lady Go!! #143 (2014-06-23) [greduan Subs]

Source: Episode #143 of Lady Go!!, broadcast date of 2014-06-23 I believe.

Teach Me, Inori-Sensei![Eng Sub]

Happy birthday to the 22 year old MInase Inori! blue- MInase Inori red- Aimi green- Izumi Kitta I really enjoy watching the stage ...

[Eng Sub] When Uesaka Sumire said something that baffled Sugita Tomokazu

SO GE KI Full episode: Ending ...


声優の上坂すみれちゃんが『オーディナルストラータ』のPRで遊びに来てくれました! せっかく来てくれたので、前からやってみたかった「アレ...

ORIGA Live at Moscow 2013 (part 1 + interview)

Complete 1st part of Origa's Moscow live performance in 2013 + interview (incomplete). There's no 2nd part but you can find ...

「キャロル&チューズデイ」Story of Miracle Vol.2

TVアニメ「キャロル&チューズデイ」 その制作の舞台裏に密着したドキュメンタリー映像。 貴重なアニメーション制作現場や楽曲のレコーディン...

[Mahouka Koukou] Nakamura Yuuichi try to make Hayami Saori says indecent lines [Eng sub]

Date broadcast: 31 May 2017 around Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei's movie release. Seiyuu cast: Nakamura Yuuichi(Tatsuya), Hayami ...

Uchida Maaya explains "stealing" incident at Anisama

Happy Birthday Uchida Maaya! Sorry that the chinese subs are there, i couldnt cover them up completely.Hope it doesnt affect the ...


Just a short clip of Sugita Hanakana combi. Enjoy. Sorry for the long time without videos. I´m stuck in VTuber hell D: Full video Inu ...

Matsuoka's first impression of Uchida Maaya and Sakura Ayane [GANGAN GA Channel]

Matsuoka is funny as usual, and its nice to see his interaction with his kouhais. Watch the full episode ...

[Eng Sub] SM Judgment Forum! Is Natto S or M? (Inu X Boku Event)

At the Inu X Boku Event the important questions are asked.

[Eng Sub] Hanazawa Kana tells you how to gain sex appeal

HanaKana with a more or less useful advice how to gain sex appeal. Ending ...

[Eng Sub] Nakamura Yuuichi doubts that Hikasa Yoko sings a cute song. (WWWWorking!!)

Nakamura Yuuichi voices his doubts about Hikasa Yoko singing the Opening. Of course completely serious.

Minase Inori's Cute English

Jun: not gonna lie, I might not be able to do it either reupload because of a edit mistake (´д`) If you want to choose the ...

Horie Yui's Life Advice

Jun: I-it's not like I want to get married or anything!

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