Sukrit Wisetkaew interview – video

What does Bie Sukrit think about love?

What does Bie Sukrit think about love?

[Vietsub] Sân Khấu Người Tuyệt Đỉnh (Khách mời: Dàn cast phim Em Là Định Mệnh Của Anh) - Phần 1/3

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[interview] Bie on News Plus 032814

cr. News Plus - Bie talked about a new single, lakorn and concert. He also gave an update on Behind the Painting. More detail will ...

Bie's interview before 9N Awards [News Plus, 06.05.14]

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[interview] Bie is hopeful Behind the Painting will reach Broadway [News Plus, 04.16.14]

credit: News Plus check for more detail.

Bie's Interview [News Plus,11.20.14]

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[interview] Bie "love is not a hindrance" [News Plus, 05.02.14]


What they said about Bie Sukrit in WATERFALL (One Banteung 06.11.15)

Bie is so amazing! His English is just perfect! excuse the noisy background

[interview] Bie, 10 Yrs of Love concert, new single [04.27.14]

cr. News Plus read about it @

[interview] Bie's mom was quite scared from the earthquake... [05.05.14]

at the northern part of Thailand. Bie received SMS from his mom telling him that she felt the tremor. Their house was shaking.

Bie on News Plus [07.04.14]

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