Sebastian Bach interview – video

Sebastian Bach MTV Interview 1991

Kurt Loder sits down with Sebastian Bach to talk about his work with Skid Row. He also talks about a court case where he ...

Sebastian Bach - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

If you're new, Subscribe! → Skid Row legend Sebastian Bach sits down with Graham Hartmann for ...

Web Exclusive: Sebastian Bach on serving time in jail

Sebastian Bach talks about some bad anger management judgements that led to him serving time in jail.

Sebastian Bach Interview with Jonathan Clarke

Listen LIVE: ▻ Facebook: ▻ Twitter: ...

Sebastian Bach & Eric Blair talk Dio Gala 2020

sebastianbach #ronniejamesdio #rainbowband Sebastian Bach & Eric Blair talk Dio Gala 2020.

Sebastian Bach Interview: Why Kanye West Is Not a Rock Star | Sway's Universe

Super-star rockstar, Sebastian Bach talks all things Rock & Roll, his role on Gilmore Girls and why Kanye West is NOT a Rock Star ...

Classic Interview Clip: Sebastian Bach Formally Of Skid Row Addresses TShirt Controversy 1991

Sebastian Bach from Skid Row discusses his controversial shirt that was thrown on stage by a fan and he wore during a show in ...

Sebastian Bach -Lost Interview pt2

Local tv interview with BAZ in 1990 pt 2 of 2.

Sebastian Bach "The Decade That Rocked" by Mark Weiss

Mark Weiss has been my friend since 1987. I have read pretty much every rock 'n' roll biography there is worth reading and you ...

Sebastian Bach's daughter is the cutest

Sebastian Bach is in town to perform the halftime show at the Pistons game. His daughter, Sebastiana, is currently touring with her ...

Sebastian Bach in Madame X Interview - 1987

Madame X, which is Sebastian Bach, Maxine Petrucci, Mark McConnell, and Chris Doliber, doing an interview for Much Music in ...

Sebastian Bach - Lost Interview Part1

Sebastian returns home to Peterborough, Ontario and is interviewed at the local tv station.

Backspin: Sebastian Bach on 'Skid Row'

The ex-Skid Row frontman talks about his band's landmark debut album and how "I Remember You" almost didn't make the cut.

Skid Row (1989) Interview

Interview from Hard "N" Heavy TV show.

At Home and Social Online with Sebastian Bach

Are you ready for some Monkey Business? Hair Metal superstar Sebastian Bach (virtually) invites us into his home for an ...

Sebastian Bach Interview (Uncut) Flashback: Skid Row, "Slave to the Grind" & More (Extended Version)

Iconic rock singer Sebastian Bach spoke (and sang) about his life at length with host Christina Rowatt backstage on his 2007 ...

Skid Row interview on Much Music, 1989

Skid Row interviewed on Much Music in 1989.

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