Sayumi Michishige interview – video

[Engsub] Morning Musume Michishige Sayumi talks about 9-10-11ki

Maachan's mom LOL XD Sorry for my poor translation. Visit Masaking!vn: Facebook ...

Morning Musume '14 Sayashi Riho, Michishige Sayumi Hello! Station #89 Question Corner Eng Sub

Morning Musume '14 (Sayashi Riho, Michishige Sayumi) - Hello! Station #89 Question Corner [Eng Sub]

Morning Musume English Lesson (subbed) - Hello Morning 2005.06.26 [HPS & jphip]

Translated by: Japan Rocks and boketaoshi Timed by: Meowchi and Tenkei Editing and Typesetting by: Kuno Encoded by: Draky ...

Mami Scandal Sayumi Idol

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道重さゆみ Sayumi Michishige [Instagram Live] 2020.03.14

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Sayumi Michishige Love Story - part 2

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Rokkies 5 - Sayu & Reina Interviews 2 (English Sub)

Upcoming #94 Upcoming #95 ...

Sayumi Michishige Love Story 1

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Futarigoto - Sayumi Mishichige Eps.53-56+60 (Eng Sub)

Ep. 53 Orig air date: 2004-06-16 Featuring: Michishige Sayumi Ep. 54 Orig air date: 2004-06-17 Featuring: Michishige Sayumi Ep.

Michishige Sayumi's Chest Problem

Michishige Sayumi talked about her Chest Problem.

Fukuchan: Failed interview to Rokkies.

Fukuchan trata de entrevistar a las Rokies bipolares.

Sayumi speaks english

"If you can have any superpower, what kind of power you will choose? And what will you do with your power" x3 Sayuness!!!

Yamaki Risa on her audition video and Michishige's reaction to it

From Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! #139 Aired 2017.12.03 (Note: The video shows the wrong date, sorry) Hosts: ...

Alo Hello! Reina Tanaka _ part 1

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#ASD15 Fresh Takeaways - Interview of Sayumi Horie

Asian Side is the place to be to find Asian partners! Sunny Side brings us to the next digital level! Sayumi Horie, Senior Producer, ...

Morning Musume - Flexiblility Test

Who is the most flexible? Diffenately not Sayu lol.

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