Riku interview – video

Behind the Scenes - Kingdom Hearts II Voice Actors Interview in 2005 [Rare Footage]

2005 interview with the voice actors of Kingdom Hearts 2. https://twitter.com/NeoGamerbr

The Uncharted 4 Experience with Loonie and Riku | GG Stream Team

In this episode, Riku gets to play one of the best games in recent years and the latest installment in the Uncharted series. Joining ...

Anime Conji 2012: "Voice of Riku" Panel

Hey everyone if you like our convention coverage then you should follow us on blip.tv! See all episodes of Codenamed: Epic ...

Sunrise Avenue (Samu Haber & Riku Rajamaa) - Interview bei Radio Aalto 5.5.2015

Samu Haber und Riku Rajamaa von Sunrise Avenue - finnisches Interview bei Radio Aalto 5.5.2015 mit deutschen Untertiteln.

Interview: Madventures (FIN) on Only the Ones Ready to Adapt Will Survive (Biohacker Summit 2019)

Go and get your recording package for all the Biohacker Summit 2019 presentations here: https://biohack.to/2019videos As ...

Riku Interview

An Interview with Riku.


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this bitchass 2 minute long video took me so mf long to make,,, n e ways since nobody is making videos for riku, i will. subscribe to ...

kh2 interview with the voices of yuna,rikku and paine

an interview with the girls who voice yuna,rikku and paine.

Samu & Riku

Interview. So cute)

PICKING UP GIRLS AT ESGS ft. Gloco, Trinhil, Riku, Etc.

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Interview with Riku

This is yet again another interview with a kh character. I didn't really know what to say to Riku..I dunno he's wierd so yeah..so I just ...

Hagiwara Riku Interview

Budapest Fonix Kendo Club.

2012-05-08 Elixir Strings - Interview Samu & Riku (Sunrise Avenue)

2012-05-08 Interview Samu & Riku (Sunrise Avenue) ©Elixir Strings.

Jesse McCartney-Roxas interview

Jesse McCartney-Roxas interview.

Playstation 2's "Kingdom Hearts II" Launch Party

David Gallagher on his character "Riku", on doing voice over work, and on Kingdom Hearts I vs. II.

Riku Cam: Xemnas' Interview

once again sorry its blurry but its worth it for the play between host and cosplayer!

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