Peter Tork interview – video

Peter Tork 1979 Interview -- Complete!

Did it work this time or do I have to do this all over again? It worked, for Pete's sake?!? Well, all right! This one's for the ladies, baby ...

Peter Tork Interview- November 2001

From the Daydream Believers DVD.

Peter Tork Discusses Davy Jones Death Obit March 2, 2012 Monkees

Two days after Davy Jones died, Peter Tork appeared on MSNBC for a brief interview.

Peter Tork - Interview - 4/22/2011 - Wolfgang's Vault - San Francisco, CA

Peter Tork - Interview Recorded Live - Wolfgang's Vault - San Francisco, CA More Peter Tork: ...

Peter Tork hotel interview 1968

In Sydney Australia. I love that giggle at the end. :)

Interview with Peter Tork of the Monkees (04/2017)

Minnesota News Network's Scott Peterson chats with the Monkees' Peter Tork about the group, the music and the fans.

Peter Tork on David Letterman (1982?)

This is wonderful Peter appears as a guest on David Letterman. This was a while before the Monkees reunion of 1986 and I would ...

Lost Peter Tork 1999 Interview

An extensive and wide-ranging interview with Peter Tork from 1999. Peter came to WGLD, Indianapolis for a morning interview, ...

Michael Nesmith's Memorial for Peter Tork

In 1965, four very different young men were brought together to create something bigger than themselves. In the '60s and even ...

Peter Tork Interview with Iain Lee June 2015

I interviewed Peter Tork twice, maybe three times, and am a HUGE Monkees fan. This interview was done for local UK station BBC ...

Peter Tork interview (1986)

Peter is interviewed in Des Moines, Iowa while on tour with The Monkees. Please visit my website at ...

Peter Tork rehearsal, interview

Scott Sutherland (Photog) and Joy Sutherland (Field Producer) interview Peter Tork before show at Chicks Stadium Memphis, TN.

Davy Jones Interview- November 2001

From the Daydream Believers DVD.

The Monkees' Mike Nesmith & Micky Dolenz Open Up Like Never Before | Studio 10

For over 50 years, The Monkees are just popular as they were when they first rose to fame. Now, members Mike Nesmith and ...

Peter Tork is VJ on MTV 4th May 1986

Peter Tork spent a whole day as guest VJ on MTV on 4th May 1986. So many banjo jokes on MTV!

LOST MONKEES INTERVIEW: Peter Tork '79 1 of 3

The ENTIRE 30 minute 1979 Peter Tork interview from "Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation" off California Public Access TV ...

Peter Tork interview (1986)

Peter Tork is interviewed during The Monkees' comeback in 1986. This interview was done in Cleveland, Ohio in advance of The ...

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