Masaki Aiba interview – video

Arashi : Aiba Masaki's blood type experiment Eng Sub

Watch Arashi Aiba Masaki do an experiment with kindergarten children. Watch their reaction based on their blood type.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Japan with Arashi

My favorite J-Pop band with CR7 Jun Matsumoto, Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sho Sakurai, Aiba Masaki.

(Eng subs) Japanese TV show: Can they cry within 1 minute?

English subtitles available if you turn on CC. This is a segment from the show Himitsu no Arashi-chan where the 5 members of ...

Japanese celebrities speaking English 7

Compilation Part 7. All credit goes to original videos. Rika Ishikawa Rinko Kikuchi So Matsushima Marius Yo Minami Tanaka ...

(Eng subs) Japanese game show: Guess the liar

English subtitles available if you turn on CC. This is an episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan. This segment is titled Doubt Action, ...

Arashi - How to call Ohno properly

But, it still depends on who is calling VS嵐 20181206.

VS Arashi (07/25) with Miyano Mamoru and Kaji Yuuki (eng subs)

Hello everyone! First of all sorry for not uploading anything… Also, sadly my lyrics translation video of Encore has also been ...

Toma Ikuta Engsub [Meringue 20151107]

Translation by @snehaa050 Subbed by For more Toma Ikuta videos, pics, info and stuffs follow me on instagram ...

Arashi with Matsuko (eng sub)

Just like last time it a fan sub, i just hope you guys enjoyed the vid. If you did click that like button to let me know!!

[INTERVIEW] Haruka Kudo at Anime Expo 2019

We had an opportunity to interview with Haruka Kudo at Anime Expo 2019! Haruka Kudo is a Japanese voice actor from Ace Crew ...

[ENG sub] Costars Interpreting Tao Language

Old video I started last year but only finished now lol

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