Lenny Welch interview – video

Lenny Welsh & Jimmy Jay interview 2013

The singer of Since I Fell for You and other great songs.

Mel Carter & Lenny Welch - "The Legends of Rock and Roll"

http://mel-carter.com This exciting video captures two legendary performers recording in studio live with a killer big band (not ...

Tom Meros visits with Lenny Welch

Lenny Welch grew up in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He learned to sing by sining within his home, but was invited to sing with ...

AN AUDIENCE WITH MICHAEL PARKINSON - his most memorable interviews

2009 special, produced in Australia, in which popular talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson, talks of his career and takes questions ...

Gloria Swanson on Walking Out On Lenny Bruce | The Dick Cavett Show

Gloria Swanson reveals all about why she walked out of the broadway show 'Lenny Bruce'! Date aired - 10/29/1971 - George ...

lenny Welch

Lenny Welch on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise - November 3, 2019.

Moonlighting Tribute: Since I fell for You

A Moonlighting Tribute: Since I fell for You -- Memorable clips from each episode (except the Dipesto episodes) Music by Lenny ...

Raquel Welch discusses 'Myra Breckinridge' and Homosexual Audiences | The Dick Cavett Show

Raquel Welch discusses her movie, Myra Breckinridge in which she plays the title role undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

Mel Carter & Lenny Welch - "Take Outs"

http://Mel-Carter.com ~ "Mel Carter Continues" is a brand new collection of ballads, Rhythm & Blues and exciting Big Band songs ...

Lenny meets Solomon Burke

Lenny Woldringh meets Solomon Burke, The legendary King of Rock & Soul and performs an interview for the Dutch TV show ...

Moonlighting (David and Maddie) - Since I Fell For You

Moonlighting 1985-89. Entertainment purposes only. Music: Lenny Welch "Since I Fell For You".

Sir Laurence Olivier on the 'Genius' of Marlon Brando | The Dick Cavett Show

Sir Laurence discusses announcing his cancer to put the public at ease and discusses the brilliance of young actor Marlon ...

Grace Slick - Full Interview Part 1

2002, 2015 all rights reserved Creative Worx MPC Producers: Jack Edward Sawyers - Dave Weiderman Interviewer: Frankie ...

Lenny Welch - Coronet Blue - Northern Soul.wmv

Lenny Welch - Coronet Blue - Northern Soul.

Brian "Head" Welch - God Speaks to Everyone

We're Putting Bonus Content on Facebook!: http://fb.com/holyghostmovie Follow us to the Worldwide Release on Twitter: ...

Lenny Welch on General Hospital (The "Since I fell for you" singer)

Lenny Welch of Since I fell for you fame. Appears on the daytime soap General Hospital. Enjoy this otherside of Lenny's talent!

Officer Welch interview

An interview with officer Welch of the Orange county Police dept.

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