Karen Carpenter interview – video

The Carpenters Karen & Richard - Tonight Show 1978 - part 1

Karen and Richard Carpenter in June 1978. They perform the song "Thank You For the Music" and talk with John Davidson and ...

Karen Carpenter 1981 GMA Interview - Why didn't anyone SAY something!

This interview, on ABC's Morning Chat Show 'Good Morning America (GMA), took place in August 1981. Karen still had two more ...

Carpenters - Good Morning America Interview (August 1981)

In June 1981, the Carpenters released "Made In America" which would turn out to be the last album released during Karen's ...

Carpenters - The Dating Game 1970 (Complete)

Carpenters - The Dating Game 1970 (Complete) Neither of us went on our date!

The carpenters - Back in my life again 1981.

A interview with Olivia and Karen.

Sad And Tragic Details About Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter, one half of the brother-sister duo The Carpenters, and the velvet voice behind hits like "Close to You" and "Top ...

Richard Carpenter Interview (BBC Breakfast, December 2018)

Richard is interviewed from his home in Thousand Oaks, California, about the making of the new album: Carpenters with The ...

Carpenters - Airport interview 1972

Carpenters - Airport interview 1972.

Karen and Olivia talking about Catalina - Nov 2 1981

Richard, Karen, John, Olivia and Merv. Salute to Olivia. Only 4 minutes of an hour long show DISCLAIMER: Copyright Disclaimer ...

The Death of Karen Carpenter-Anorexia Nervosa

I take no credit for this video, uploaded only for educational purposes.

Richard Carpenter Reimagines the Most Iconic Carpenters Songs on New Album | Lorraine

Subscribe now for more! http://bit.ly/1KyA9sV Having sold over 100 million records, musical sibling duo The Carpenters were ...

The man who was close to tragic Karen Carpenter - John Adrian Interview ITV Lorraine 30 July 2014

"She was a little girl who wanted a normal life. You can't be a superstar and have a normal life." John Adrian interviewed on UK ...

Karen Carpenter at her Anorexic Worst Anorexia Nervosa Part 2

August 10, 1981 A skeletal and obviously anorexic Karen Carpenter speaks with Joan Lunden on ABC's Good Morning America ...

Karen & Richard Carpenter 1980 Interview From Japan

Short 1980 interview with Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Karen's husband Tom Burris (from Japanese TV).

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